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Zaal Restaurant – Curry (BIR) Garam Masala

Zaal Restaurant Garam Masala

Credits and thanks to Az and his staff @ Zaal restaurant in Fleet ( )

3 to 4 cinnamon ( Cassia bark ) sticks
1 x heaped dessert spoon green cardamom pods whole
1 x flat level dessert spoon mustard seed
3/4 ( Three quarters ) level dessert spoon onion seed
6 x bay leaves ( Indian / asian bay )
1 x level dessert spoon cumin seed
½ ( half ) level fennel seed

Dry roast in an oven on very very low heat for several hours / or even over night. When roasted grind to a fine powder using a coffee grinder.


Zaal Restaurant – Curry (BIR) Spice Mix

Zaal Restaurant Mix Powder

Credits and thanks to Az and his staff @ Zaal restaurant in Fleet ( )

This is the actual mix powder Az’s assistant at Zaal restaurant was preparing on our lesson. It was surely the biggest amount of mix powder I’ve ever seen! Obviously it needs scaling down for home use. In fact Az said it would last his chef about a week. He prefers to use East End / Natco brand of spices.

The curry powder he uses is mild madras, not Eastern Star. It’s very important to make your own garam masala. Az said most takeaways make their own and the pre made stuff is no good. He’d never heard of Jaipur garam masala although he did know of their existence of producing spices.

( All heaped chef spoons ) / ( Scale down with teaspoons )

22 x curry powder
16 x coriander
12 x cumin
15 x turmeric
2 x standard heat chilli powder
½ (half) x Garam masala