Madras Curry Kit

Reviewing Madras Curry Kit.

What is it?

Madras is a medium hot dish with a rich tomato based sauce, and is one of the all time classics.

What do you get in the kit?

The kit comes complete with all the spices prepared and ready to use and include a simple easy to follow step by step recipe.

What you get is a bag of beautiful smelling spices and some instructions that even I can follow ;)

OK, let’s cook. What do we do?

First we add some diced onion, olive oil and a heaped teaspoon (per portion) of Madras spice and simmer for a short while. The smell is rather lovely.

Next we add the subject matter, which in this case is some diced Chicken breast.

Following this extraneous effort we add some tomato, garlic and ginger and some water and simmer for 20 minutes (Making sure the Chicken is thoroughly cooked through).

Then, it is ready to serve!

Nice :) Verdict: Fast, easy, very authentic and tasty.
Notes: Add at least three chillies for an average Madras strength restaurant curry. Perhaps some extra salt. Garnish with fresh corriander. Never ever again buy nasty supermarket curry in a jar filth. Done.

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