Excellent Onion Bhaji Recipe

Jeena’s Kitchen Onion Bhaji Recipe

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Very fast, easy and tasty recipe for Onion Bhaji’s.

Added bonus – ease and time – that this recipe requires no deep fat frying, rather oven baking – so possibly more healthy too!

Note, personally had a little grief with these little buggers gluing themselves to the baking tin. Cooked this a couple of times now, and tried different methods of lubrication (ooer) and different tins too – still stuck like bars*ards. Oh well probably just my rubbish baking tins. I would also recommend upping the temp to something like 200C plus a little extra time for non fan assisted ovens – like my rubbish one. Just keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn the first time you make them.

As usual here are some pictures.

This is our raw Bhaji mix.

These are our lovely looking cooked Bhaji’s. They are excellent, by the way!

I think you will agree, they look very nice. Please give the recipe a try! – BTW I used Gram flour for mine.